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Compressed Air System Servicing from Air Supply Manchester.

Air Compressors, Compressed Air Dryers, Compressed Air Receivers and all other Compressed Air Equipment Serviced by Air Supply.

Our reliable team of service technicians and office staff can keep your equipment serviced and in tip top condition on a regular service schedule run in house, so you can rest assured we will contact you when it is service time, for complete peace of mind.

We not only sell new BOGE compressed air equipment, but we also have the largest stock of used air equipment, all refurbished to the highest standard by our in house air technicians that also carry out our maintenance services, but we also design and build entire systems. We are the experts in compressed air equipment.

Our objective isn’t just to sell you the best quality and best priced new or used air equipment, but also maintain and service them so they outlive your expectations, maximise their life span and ensure economic, safe and reliable supply of compressed air to your points of use, when needed most.

Air compressor and air treatment products maintenance by time served experts.


We know the importance of your machinery running at its peak whenever it is needed. Like any other equipment that’s used daily and relied upon, a compressed air system needs to be maintained to the highest standard. This ensures not only the maximum lifespan of your compressed air equipment but ensures that maintenance can be preventative rather than reactive, saving your business both time and money.

We treat every piece of equipment with all of our attention offering full air compressor maintenance for all systems and makes.


A typical AirSupply Service includes:

  • Piston compressor valves, gaskets, oil and belts
  • screw compressor, air filter, oil filter, air oil separator, unloader valve
  • line filters, drain re-placement, element change
  • refrigerant dryer, drain checks, dew point check, condensor checks
  • adsorption dryer, cycle checks, desiccant replacement, filter replacement
  • oil/water separator service kit replacement very 12 months

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